Heavy/Trash metal, Metalcore

Pantera, Trivium, Testament, Avenged Sevenfold, Tremonti, Machine Head and Killswitch engage


When I was a kid I saw Dimebag Darrel play the guitar like a god, I was blown away! I knew immediately: "I want to learn and play this insanely awesome metal and be a rockstar one day." For some time I kept playing with that goal in mind. 


I met a few guys that played black metal and they invited me to play with them. At first we did some covers from Dimmu Borgir and played a few gigs. Soon I felt to urge to write our own music and so we did. A long the way the band fell apart. I got invited for a new black metal band and in this we also made our own music. We played at various stages and recorded our songs in a studio. It was epic but after all it wasn't exactelly the style I truly loved.


Again the band fell apart and also my hope and vision of my life goal faded away .


Untill a few years later Sonny asked me if I wanted to play in a new band with influences like Pantera, Machine Head and Avenged Sevenfold and here we are Reign of Bullets with amazing musicians and living my little boys dream!