Thrash, Hardcore, Punk, Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Blues and Rock music


When I was about ten or eleven years old my parents thought it was a great idea to give me some music education and put me on guitar lessons. By that time I already knew my biggest interest would be drums, the only problem was that I did not have a place to practice.


So after a years of not doing my homework for guitars and not even looking at the damn thing, my parents brought home my first drum kit and o man! I killed the damn thing! In that same year me and my dad went to see Metallica and Slipknot live!


Man o man this was one of the best nights of my life and right there and then I decided I wanted to become good at playing drums. After a few years of playing in several bands I’ve met Sonny and Dyon and this is where we are right now!


Loud and angry!